Wednesday, September 3, 2014

True Vacation

I made my second trip to Whitefish last week and it was the most relaxing vacation I've had in awhile.  I have never been to Whitefish more than once a summer.  After this last trip I would definitely say I will do it every year.  While Tommy was not able to make the trip, so Andra was my faithful traveling companion.
Andra had never been to Whitefish before so it was a lot of fun to show her all the sights of MT.  Ziplinging, hiking, eating, reading, boating, paddle boarding and the list goes on and on.  
It didn't take much before Andra understood why we love Whitefish so much.  While the first few days were overcast, somehow we still convinced Andra to make plans to bring the boys back next year.  If they are lucky ;-)
Another good friend was in town for a wedding and stayed at the hotel down the street.  We meet up one night and everyone enjoyed plenty of drinks and another gorgeous sunset.
During the week my parents went to Idaho with some friends, so Andra and I enjoyed the beach and the boat by ourselves.  Minus a bee sting to the bottom of my foot and a small allergic reaction, we were finally able to enjoy the sunshine and not 115 degree sunshine.
Our last full day we spent exploring the Going to the Sun road at Glacier and we hiked Highline trail.  I hadn't done this in at least five years and forgot how the views really take your breath away.
After a long hike we skipped onto the boat with a great cocktail and pedicure service, compliments of the Baileys.
To wrap everything up we stopped at our last Bachelor visit, Casey's for dinner on the rooftop to watch another horrible sunset.  Life is really rough on vacation :-)
After reading a few books and visiting all our favorite places it was time to head back to the desert, just in time before the first ASU football game.  Pretty good motivation after the perfect vacation.

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