Saturday, October 24, 2015

Bubbas Nation

Picking up dinner for the Manns.  Everyone is still sick at home.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Game Night= Cookie Night

A few weeks ago, we were spending all our free time with our good friends Andrew and Andra.  They were planning their move to London and were waiting on their visas.  When Tommy and I left on our honeymoon, we didn't know when we would see them next and we were pleasantly surprised to see they were still in Phoenix when we got back.  Once we settled in we spent every ounce of time with them before they boarded their flight to London.  This included an endless amount of time having game nights, enjoying happy hours, movies, Sunday Fundays and everything in between.  We just did not want the time to end...

One Saturday night, after we finished multiple games we decided to lay back to indulge in some desserts and drinks.  Lucy took the moment to fully relax, while begging for a dessert for the number one hostess.  I am sure everyone is surprised to hear this, don't worry she didn't get one.

As I finally get around to blogging something from sometime in June, I struggle to find all the words to reflect on the complete memory.  Since today I was lucky enough to touch base with two friends who recently moved across the world to tackle the next big adventure I am beyond grateful.  Thank goodness for technology and a quick chat with those we love.  I can't help but reflect on all our fun memories and we look forward to our adventures across the big pond in the future.

Cheers to Fundrew!
Cheers to Panda!

Thursday, July 9, 2015

The Cheeto Guru

The little man loves himself a Cheeto puff.  When asked what his favorite food is, Cade answers "cheeettos".  He must be following in Aunt Snack's footsteps.  Have a fabulous weekend.  The Manns are off to Minnesota today.  We can't wait to attend our first wedding as a married couple :-)

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Honeymoon Adventure Details... coming soon

In the meantime, while the suspense builds :-)  Our honeymoon was the first trip Tommy did not wear any Cardinals or ASU clothing.

What a treat!

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Friday Favorites: Wedding Edition

Ahhhh where to begin, where to begin...
My second favorite vendor, in no particular order was my florist, Malori from Hoot and Holler. 
 From our first coffee date I felt like she got my vision. Malori cared about making everything perfect for our big day.  I knew I wanted color, every color, the more color the better.  I also knew I wanted the perfect arch to highlight the amazing Camelback view.
To say that Malori created my vision was an understatement.  Malori went above and beyond and the colors made every picture pop.  
I loved the simple Southwest cactus twist within the table centerpieces.
Can we go back to May 16th??

I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend.  I can't believe it is almost July.  Where did June go??

Friday, June 26, 2015

Happy Birthday Cade

Where in the world has the time gone??? Cade is 3 years old and being his aunt continues to be the best job in town.  Mimis and Papa spoiled him this year with a kitchen for his birthday.  I don't know who is more excited Cade or Mommy.  Cade continues to make us all laugh, smile and appreciate life.  Aunt Snack and Uncle Tommy wish him the best birthday ever!  We look forward to celebrating more tomorrow.
If anyone is looking to try out a new restaurant Cade's Cafe is open for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.

Monday, June 22, 2015


Mixed in between all the wedding madness, I fit in a fabulous weekend to Santa Fe, also known as Nerdy Girls Weekend.  A friend and co-worker, Jillian and I headed to the Four Corners ABA Conference.  I was blown away with the culture, beauty and calmness of such a unique city.  Jillian was the perfect companion to support and grow my nerdiness and the number one fan of constant laughter.
For my first professional conference, the speakers exceeded my expectations.  It was great to represent SARRC at a national level.  The conference refueled my behavior analyst confidence and made me fall in love with my nerdy side once again.
In between speakers and yummy food, we did a lot of exploring and tried our best at a church selfie.  This picture definitely captures the fun we had and explains our friendship in a nutshell.  I can't wait till the next Nerdy Girl Weekend.  I sure hope Jilly-o is all in.