Saturday, May 30, 2015

A Whole New Level of Coffee Experts

My friend Dana has inspired me to blog today.  Not because this post has anything to due with her specifically but more due to a promise she made to herself, to blog once a week.  I mean I have plenty of stuff to write about, I just am not using my time to write, so this one's for Dana.  Hopefully I can keep the same promise.  I started this post a few weeks ago, when Tommy and I were enjoying wedding registry goodness, aka the good life.  We received enough gift cards for Tommy's favorite registry item, a Keurig!
Most people know by now The Mann loves his coffee and consumes it daily (I mean we try to travel through the Denver airport at all costs just to stop at Caribou).  You might be surprised to hear how late the Manns are to the coffee game, but it seemed as though Christmas came early when I surprised Tommy with the Keurig after a long round of golf.  

While we are still learning about all the amazing things the Keurig can do, it is safe to say I was afraid Tommy would push back the wedding due to extreme happiness.  Great news is your coffee can be amazing and you can still want to marry your best friend :-)

Please note our adorable cups from Anthropologie, also wedding registry goodies, Tommy uses them most days :-)  I love when Tommy loves what I love, ahhh married life :-)


Dana said...

We can hold each other accountable for our blogging promise!

Megan Mann said...

sounds perfect I am keeping it going