Saturday, March 15, 2014

The perfect pair of shoes

As a woman, we have all had a perfect pair of shoes.  The ones that fit just right and match with every outfit.  The ones that when they finally break or don't fit you are deeply sadden to say goodbye.  Well little Sophia might have just found her perfect pair of shoes and I couldn't be more proud because they were a birthday present from Auntie Meggy.  

There is nothing I love more than shopping for my  peanuts (all of them).  As I was cruising through the outlets I saw this adorable romper and gold jellies.  I LOVED jellies growing up.  In fact I remember going shopping with my Mom and getting a pair of jellies every summer.  I knew they would be the perfect shoes for Sophia's vacation to Cancun in a few weeks.
Last Friday I got a text from Lynette (with this picture) describing a girl after my own heart.  Lynette briefly described that Sophia was spending her evening walk around the house, taking her shoes on and off all by herself.  Lynette asked if she was going to take those off before bed, when her sweet little voice says "No Mommy I keep them on".  

On Saturday, as I was getting my errands done I received another text from Lynette.
"There still on. They don't look nearly as cute with socks on".  Nothing like Jellies, socks and snow :-) A young Minnesota Fashionista after my own heart.

Have a blast in Cancun Lynette, Tory and Sophia!  Enjoy the warmth, you all deserve it!

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