Sunday, April 6, 2014

Let the brainwashing begin

Cousin Abby is here for her Spring Break and I am not sure who decided she needed an ASU tour but the poor girl didn't even know what she was signing up for.  A Megan Bailey ASU tour is pretty fantastic if I do say so myself.  Yesterday we went and had pedicures, then went to ASU and then ate lunch at In n Out (it was the perfect day, it kinda of felt like my birthday).
We covered the entire campus in car and even walked to the more popular spots.  Abby fits right in on the infamous Palm Walk.  Just exchange that shopping bag for a backpack and she's ready to go:-)
Of course I can already picture her at her first ASU football game.
I forgot to ask all Megan Bailey Tour attendees but I think we all had a great time shopping, enjoying the sun and visiting my old stomping grounds.  The tour was exhausting and we definitely needed a mid-afternoon vacation nap (even though I live here and it isn't a vacation).  At night Ali, Adrian and Cade took Abby to an ASU baseball game.  It's not surprising that no one could resist a picture with Sparky...
and I can't blame them one bit. Go Devils!
And I thought this picture was super neat but maybe its because I am completely obsessed with ASU!  Ali's best friend Carly is also visiting this weekend and they relived the bottom picture with Sparky at the baseball game last night.  Pretty cute!

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