Saturday, January 31, 2015

Let them eat cake

Wedding planning is going smoothy.  Who wouldn't love picking out all the things you love, with the person you love, for the people you love to enjoy :-)
Right before Christmas we were focused on cake.  Cake was on the top of our priority list, right next to Christmas shopping of course.  Wedding planning had been pretty easy so far, so who wouldn't be looking forward to eating sweets?  We all know Snackie was, and for those of you that don't know Tommy doesn't really like sweets :-).  Regardless he seemed to be enjoying himself during both tastings.

We tried out two spots, just to look at our options, but there was always something that lead us back to the daughter and mom company, Ruze Cake House.  They were so nice, friendly, and were always listening to me change my mind 600 times.  Also they were creative and seemed to fit our style perfectly, so we finally sealed the deal.
Here is just some of their artwork.  Who would have guess that after 10 cupcakes, and a handful of desserts we could finally make our decision.  I wouldn't have guessed that the cake would be the hardest decision thus far, but we had to do our research ;-)

Check, on to the next big decision

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