Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Hartford, CT

Woooohoooo less than one day until I am on a plane cruising to Connecticut to celebrate Will and Julie.  While this weekend will be short, it has potential to be very fun.  There are 5 or 6 college friends all flying out to Connecticut and while I am not sure if everyone else has been that far East, it is definitely Tommy and I's first time to Connecticut.  I am soooo excited to sit on the plane and read a book.  Any suggestions???

Since I have never been to Connecticut I thought I would look it up to see exactly where we are going and what there is to do...
Looks pretty!!

 I am looking forward to seeing Will and Julie, here are some cute pictures of memories we have had together while in college.
Celebrating Will's Birthday, after riding the bull at Cadillac Ranch 
 Will and Julie's farewell dinner before they move back to CT
 The girls
The girls booked a hotel room at the Valley Ho in Scottsdale, lots of fun!!! 
 The boys at Will's grandparents cabin (Will and Julie have a cockapoo too)

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