Thursday, June 28, 2012


This actually might be the word that Lucy, work or my house might use to describe me this week.  Every free waking moment I am down at the hospital.  I might have been seen leaving the hospital both nights well after 7pm.  To say that I can't get enough of that Cadder would be an understatement.  While I knew I would always love my nephew, I never guessed to be this excited.  (I might have even said that I couldn't babysit until he was 2 years old) but I completed re track that statement.  I will babysit morning, noon and night as long as my first baby (Lucy) doesn't get upset.  While I haven't been home to my own house before 8pm the last two nights, why would I change anything yesterday.  I was extremely productive yesterday at work (counting down the minutes till Tommy and I got to go to the hospital).  So when we were finally ready to leave of course some rush hour traffic greeted us, but we were at the hospital before we knew it.  Tommy took a big leap of faith and held Cade (he might have been a little nervous, but my Dad told him it was just like a football)
After some laughs, cries, wiggles and opening his eyes we finally got our 2 and a half hour dose of Cade.  (Cade had Auntie Sam come visit too, just to make sure that he had everyone wrapped around his finger)  
Sam, Tommy and I decided that we were starving so we headed home in a large dust storm.  After making it home safely we tackled Lucy and dinner.  Look what I made...
It was delicious!!!  I am breaking the trend tonight and not going to see Cade.  I decided the pile of laundry and dishes has gotten out of control, and they need to be tackled first.  Ali, Adrian and Cade are heading home from the hospital today, but don't think that doesn't mean I won't be there all weekend.

**Don't worry I am working on the birthing story from the Mommy (Hoping to see a guest post soon)

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