Sunday, October 7, 2012

Girls day

We started our Saturday off early with a little bit of girl time.  Mom, Becky, Ali and I met for our first bridal appointment near Kierland at Schaffers.  It was very fun to pick out every kind of dress for Becky to try on.  After quite a few dresses later, Becky was set on a favorite dress so we headed to lunch to power up before the next appointment.  True Food @ the Quarter (Cade had to take a nap to charge up after flirting with the ladies everywhere we went).  
After a little shopping we headed to the last appointment at Lillian Lottie in Old Town Scottsdale.  After many DIFFERENT dresses, Becky completely changed her mind and we found the one!!!  It was gorgeous, unique and Becky was glowing in it.  So we were excited to cheers and celebrate a great girls plus Cade day!!!  Can't wait till the big day Cullen and B Bails!
(Sorry this is the most you bloggers get to see..... until May)

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