Sunday, December 16, 2012

Rule breaker

So I tried to make a new rule for Tommy (No shopping for yourself after Thanksgiving).  The main purpose obviously would so he doesn't buy himself something that Santa is already bringing for Christmas (obviously there were lots of collateral affects on my own spending).  What I didn't expect was for Anthropologie to decide to discount my favorite white watch.  [originally $58 now $39.95 on sale for only one day], how do you pass that up??  I begged and begged and begged and then begged some more to have the chance to buy just this one thing.  Tommy said no, said no and said no again.  So the computer was taken from me and the sale passed... no watch was bought.  Life goes on... 

Lesson learned never make stupid rules
Tommy and I opened presents last night since it was our only night the three of us (Sam, Tommy and I).  I was pleasantly surprised to find the perfect white watch from Anthropologie in my stocking (such a great BF).  The bad news is Tommy bought it months ago and missed the great sale.

Lesson learned your girlfriend is always right.

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