Saturday, January 25, 2014


A few weekends ago when we were in Minnesota, Em and I were shopping on France Ave.  After a sangria at Barrio with Tommy, us girls went looking for a few sales.  Cocktails, shopping and your best friend are quite possibly the best combo.  Em wanted to introduce me to LUSH, which is an organic handmade cosmetic store.  I quickly fell in love with their ocean salt rub (which is perfect for my eczema on the back of my arms).  After only a few minutes in LUSH it was clear to see I was in the company of an expert/regular.  Em knew all the things to get and had nothing but raving reviews about everything (and the staff was super friendly).  While I walked out of the store with only two items, I will definitely be back.  The best news yet is that there is a LUSH in the Chandler and Scottsdale malls in AZ.
Thanks Emmy for the expert shopping advice.

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