Saturday, January 25, 2014

Party time... excellent!

Champagne... check.  Hair blown out... check.  Make up done... check.
On Saturday we were ready to celebrate one of Emmy's last single weekends.  We made sure to spoil ourselves before the fiesta began, by getting all primped up (definitely worth all the money).  We (Jess, Em and I) just had to slip into our dresses and head to the party.  It was great to meet all Emmy's target/MN friends and to catch up with ones I had met the last time I was in town.
It was even better being able to have plenty of time to catch up with one of my longest friendships (25 years).  I am definitely looking forward to sharing a condo in Cabo with Jess and Mitch as well.  A week to relax will definitely bring many more memories to share.  
I loved seeing Em in her MN scene and even more importantly to see her so happy.  Two more weeks till the festivities begin for the big day.  Cheers to Mr. and Mrs. Mike Slates!!!

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