Saturday, May 9, 2009

Christmas all week

aka Teacher Appreciation Week.  This week at work has been fantastic!!  
It has been filled with underwear, lotion, donuts, pei wei, coffee, necklaces, cupcakes and to finish the week decorations.  Our parents are amazing and show us how much they care about us all the time.  This week has been no exception and has been filled with little things to show how grateful they are for everything my co-workers and I do :-)  I love our families and I love what I do!!  Here are some cute pictures of us enjoying our decorated desks.
Kris enjoying her flamingo! (Yep she's got a blog too, check it)
My cute desk!!
Crazy Jen and Lee (Check out their amazing blogs here and here)
You really should check their blogs out because they are amazing!
All the community school teachers and Melissa!! :-)  TGIF


Kristin said...

Love your posts! They are always amazing!

Megan Bailey said...

Thanks Kris!! Love yours too!