Sunday, May 24, 2009

Plenty of time to think...

So I am in the progress of moving everything in my bedroom into my living room or spare bedroom and let me tell you it is a mess.  The tile layers come tomorrow bright and early, I am so excited to get rid of all my stinking carpet, wooohooo!!!!  So I decided to take a break from cleaning out my room and blog.

So on Wednesday I was heading to work as always at 7:00am because I had to be there early to set up the classroom.  (If you live in Phoenix you might already know this but....)  There was a huge accident on the I-10 so it took me an hour and a half to get to work instead of 30 minutes max.  There was a point in my ride where my car did not move for 20 minutes.  So after I called the teachers to warn them about the traffic and tell them I would be late, I turned up the music rolled down my windows and enjoyed AZ for an hour or two.  

I learned something new on my way to work today as I sat behind the Sara Lee truck.  Remember those delicious Sara Lee snacks??  I have always thought their motto was, "Nobody does it like Sara Lee", and on this faithful day I come to learn that I have been misinformed for the last 23 years.  The motto is actually "Nobody doesn't like Sara Lee". (which I found out by starring at the back of this truck all the way to work)  I was shocked and devastated to find out that I had thought the wrong thing my entire life.  Then I started to wonder how many other things in my life are like this....I know I know...

...this is what way to much time on your hands will do (darn traffic).
So I finally got over this new found knowledge after a few days and then I went to watch the NBA finals and Dbacks game at a friend's house last night. 

We were talking about ASU softball doing so well and how 7 teams from the pac-10 are in the college world series.  I then asked.... How many teams are in the pac-10?  Once again my mind is blown away that there are 10 teams in the pac-10, hints the name.  Yep, you guessed it right, Big Ten (also ten teams), Big 12 (12 teams)!!  I've always known ASU was in the pac-10 but never once thought "hey I wonder what pac-10 stands for"?  Amazing the things that you learn out of college   :-) Seriously 23 years on this planet and somedays I just wonder what else I have been missing out on.

Just incase anyone needed some useless knowledge or a good laugh I thought I would share my mind blowing week with you.

Alright now I am off to finishing moving stuff and hopping in the shower... then off to pick up Caca for the Fleetwood Mac concert, can't wait!!  Happy Sunday!!!  I am so pumped that I still have another full day of vacation, Hope your enjoying yours!

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Jenny said...

I didn't know the Sarah Lee thing either!!! Crazy!!!

See you tomorrow...are you ready? I'm not :).