Thursday, May 7, 2009

Life isn't....

very exciting lately.  Sorry no recent posts I have seriously spent the week cleaning, redecorating, tutoring, practicing guitar, sleeping and eating.  I have spent numerous hours practicing and practicing guitar.  I am pretty sure I am not getting any better but man o man do my fingers hurt and I can play a MEAN "If your happy and you know it".  My goal was to be able to play tomorrow at circle but I just don't know if that is in my future just yet (maybe for music week).  
I want nothing more than to be able to play at circle and at my cabin in Montana around the campfire, hopefully by then I will be playing something a little more exciting than "If your happy and you know it" or else I fear I might have to sleep outside.

Also I have been working on redoing my bedroom with my money from the Easter Bunny.  Em and I painted or should I say rag rollered my purple wall in my bedroom with silver (trust me it looks better than it sounds)  and I love it!!  I had a guy come out and check out my room for tile or wood floors.  Hopefully the estimate isn't tooo high and I can actually get rid of my carpet :-) We will have to wait and see.  (I will post a pic of the new room soon no worries)

*Great News:  Since I always am talking about concerts and live music Em and I were discussing who we would love to see in concert.  While the list goes on and on for the longest time now I have said that I would cut off my two arms to see Fleetwood Mac in concert.  Then "BAM" I heard they were heading to Phoenix and I knew this might be my last chance to ever see them (assuming they stop doing tours due to old age).  So I was sadden to find out how expensive and out of my league the tickets were, I was finally coming to terms that I was not going to the concert (seriously I checked Ticketmaster on Friday just to make sure there was no fluke in the price) when "BAM" my parents can't use their tickets and look who is the only child in Phoenix.  WOOOOHOOOOO!!!  So needless to say GREAT news I get to keep both my arms and attend the concert May 24th.  This definitely made my week and quite possibly my year I'll tell you after May 24th.

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