Monday, July 2, 2012

I might be a little excited

While the big family vacation is still 46 days away, in my brain I have already started packing.  I think it is my coping mechanism in order to keep moving through the days at work.  In my head I am trying to be a more effective packer (everyone knows I tend to overpack) and I always LOVE getting some new fun vacation clothes.  Here are a few of my tips for packing (I used them on my last trip and it was extremely productive...

1. Planning for the itinerary.
Knowing what you are planning on doing while on vacation can help get rid of stress.  For Whitefish, I know we will be eating, boating, hiking, zip lining and whitewater rafting.  So I guess that means comfort, causal and swimwear.

2. Check the weather.
About 3-4 days before.  (Yep Dad I said it, check the weather)  That doesn't mean that you always check the weather but just when traveling.  Obviously by looking at the weather you'll be able to plan what variety of clothes you might need.

3. Shoes.
By the time you know what you're doing and you know the weather, you are halfway there.  Based off my upcoming trip I know I need shoes to get wet, hiking/work out ready shoes, plenty of sandals and maybe some fun wedges.  (Definitely pack shoes first since they take up the most space)

4. Outfits.
By thinking of things in the form of an outfit, you are more likely to pack things that you will wear.  While some people take pictures of their different outfit ideas, for me I am lucky if I pack more than 24 hours before my flight leaves yet alone take pictures.

5. Wrap it up.
I finish by going day by day outfit by outfit making sure that I count to have enough for each day.  Lastly I make sure to think about my accessories (sunglasses, jewelry, purses, etc.) and then I am ready, set to go!!! 

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