Sunday, July 1, 2012

Low Key Friday Night

We had our first ever family dinner with our new addition!!  In true fashion, Ali requested that Mom make her favorite dinner lasagna (Tommy got to try it for the first time too).  Since Ali was on a strict diet during her pregnancy lasagna was definitely off the list of things that were acceptable to eat.  The whole gang got together watched some of the Olympic trials, ate and logged in a few Cade hours.  While I did not get nearly enough pictures of Cade as I would have liked, I think I was able to catch a picture of one of the most important events from Friday night.  There is a small running tally of the amount of time spent with Cade by the men.  Of course Grandpa is leading the way and Cullen and Tommy are tied in second (it's neck in neck).  I'll try to explain what happened next in order to do it justice.

There is really nothing better than showing up to the party and Grandpa greets you first with a huge smile on his face.  He couldn't have been more excited and he quickly tells us they (Ali and team) are feeding Cade upstairs and even bigger news that he got to spend 30 minutes with Cade!!  A few short minutes later Grandma and Ali came downstairs with Cade and Grandpa proceeded to get out his camera and take pictures of Gma and Cade.  (If you know anything about my Dad you can only imagine how many pictures he has taken in the last 5 days)

We are taken bets on what Cade might actually call his Grandpa and Grandma.  And in true Bailey form in the meantime we are coming up with plenty of nicknames for him.  So far we've got....
R Cade
Cadder Alligator

Poor guy, nothing better than being born into crazy...

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