Saturday, September 15, 2012


Who gives?? I don't give if they don't spell your name right on your sideline pass.  As long as it gets you to the same location (on the sideline to watch the game).  Tommy and I enjoyed the first game of the season against NAU snuggled up to the ASU team, another dream come true.  While everyone knows how much I love ASU, they have never done a great job with the little details.  (Remember when they announced my name at my Masters graduation "Megan Daily")  Thank goodness it was okay when they misspelled my sideline pass because I was still able to do my annual tradition...
...kissing the field, and this year I made sure to get a good one in because you never know if you'll get another chance.
Another great win for the Sun Devils and man o man are Tommy and I ready for the game against Missouri tonight.

Fight, Devils Down The Field
Fight With Your Might and Don't
Ever Yield
Long May Our Colors Outshine All
Echo From The Buttes, Give 'Em
Hell Devils!
Cheer, Cheer For A-S-U
Fight For The Old Maroon
For it's Hail, Hail, The Gang's All
And It's Onward to Victory! 

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