Thursday, September 13, 2012

Date Night

So it had been far too long (hint hint TD) so I took it upon myself and planned a date night.  I couldn't have planned a more perfect night for two ASU fans.  While I was planning I thought to myself, Tommy will love this, Tommy will love this, Tommy will LOVE this.  Never did I guess that I would love it just as much if not more than Tommy.  We headed to have dinner at the Thirsty Lion @ Tempe Market Place.  I had heard that Todd Graham the head coach of the ASU football was going to be interviewed live for the Sports AM radio every Monday at Thirsty Lion (the event is called High Octane Hour).  So I blind folded Tommy on the way to dinner to make it a surprise.  We enjoyed a delicious dinner, sports talk and of course we had to finish dinner with a little foyo (frozen yogurt).
Officially another great date night :-)

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