Friday, November 16, 2012

"I swear

...they taste better than they look." Never is this a good sign when you are saying this as you hand your boyfriend his plate for dinner.  It may have happened last night to Tommy...

I made breakfast for dinner last night (which is definitely my favorite thing to do).  Instead of making my normal egg in a frame, I tried something something new (should've stuck to my normal routine).  While I would find a use for bacon for every meal if it was okay for my body,  I was really craving it last night.  I saw this recipe a few weeks ago and thought why not try it.  So batta bing batta boom, presto chango!  Bacon Pancakes!!!
 Tommy said they were delicious and he would never lie (well maybe alittle bit in order to not hurt my feelings) But he definitely asked me to make them again :-)

Lesson learned: don't judge a book by its cover
Translation: don't judge a pancake by its shape

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