Saturday, June 6, 2009

Are you kidding me??

Families are ridiculous and so is technology and when they are mixed together.... this is what happens :-)

So almost everyone knows a little bit about Facebook.  If not here is a brief description...a networking website to let you talk to  people you know, it started when I was in college.... so it's pretty much something I check everyday.  My mom just got herself her own profile to stay in touch with friends and family.  My sis set up the account and my mom is still working on how to use the darn thing.  

So on Facebook there are these quizzes you can take ranging from, "What color are you?" to "What 80's sitcom are you?" to "What is your engagement ring style?".  A month or so a go I took the quiz "When will you get married?"  and here was my results...

Megan took the when will you get married? quiz and the result is 45
well at least you have found your true love

Not really surprising since I am kind of picky. So for people who don't know Facebook they then post this on your wall.  This means that on your profile it tells everyone how you did on the quiz, kind of embarrassing right?  Especially if you don't like the results... in my case not a huge deal.  So yesterday I am on Facebook checking out my cousins and families profiles when I notice my mom has posted something on her own profile instead of commenting on mine.......

 "Megs, I will be a little old if you wait until 45 to get married, Dad can wheel you down the aisle! Yikes!!"

Hahaha, yep my mom just blasted me on Facebook!  Thank goodness she didn't know how to post on my wall or else that could have been extremely embarrassing!  Hahaha love you Mom!!  Thanks for the advice

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