Monday, June 1, 2009

Goodbye Julie & Will

Another era has ended and a few more friends are moving home after graduating college.  My only east coast college friends are finally moving back to Connecticut. :-( Sad day!!    Julie and Will graduated this spring and are heading home to start the next chapter.

Some of my college friends all got together one last time to say goodbye.  We headed to our favorite place Four Peaks (if you haven't been you need to check it out).  I felt like I lived at Four Peaks sometimes during college, since it was just down the street.  It is an amazing brewery with delicious grub.  Nothing better than a few friends getting together to enjoy a few beers, food and plenty of laughs.  We sat remembering old times and talking about the next tuscon adventure.

I will miss having dinner with Julie and catching up on each others lives.  Hopefully this means I can visit and finally experience the east coast.  AZ will never be the same without you too.  Miss you mucho skeeters, wish you were in AZ!!

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