Monday, June 8, 2009

The final countdowns

Let the countdowns begin....... because there are way too many

I am sooooo excited for what lies ahead in the next month or so.

5 days..... trip to visit the sis in Palm Springs
18 days..... school is out for summer
18 days..... leave for first trip home to Minnesota
Danny's and Gma's birthday parties and say goodbye to the house :-(
25 days.... till 4th family trip + Em to the cabin in Whitefish, MT
39 days.... 2nd trip to MN (Ly's Bachelorette Party)
52 days.... 3rd trip to MN, Lynette and Tory's Wedding
63 days.... SARRC school starts again, can you believe it???  

Ahhh summer is just about to begin and by the looks of my plans it might pass by before my very eyes.  I will try to blog often.

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