Monday, June 15, 2009

A fun weekend

So it is a little late but better late than never is what I have always learned. While Ali has been extremely busy at yoga school, I decided to go visit her last weekend. I had a surprise visitor hop in my car and we headed to Palm Springs. Ali was completely shocked when we went to get my bags in the car and out popped Mom, gotcha Al!!!
We spent the day reading and laying by the pool at this amazing hotel. I mean who can blame Ali for attending school here, it was gorgeous!!
Yep I know what you're thinking this hotel looks familiar......Yep, you got it!!
It's from the Saved by the Bell episode where Jess Spano's Dad gets married!! This little fact might have made my entire weekend.

It was fun to meet all of the great yoggies and see how much Ali is loving Yog! I can't believe she is done with school in one more week, it flew by! Congrats Ali and have fun in your last week, Namaste!

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