Saturday, June 6, 2009

Something different.

Friday night was suppose to be a little bit calmer than most.... 

took a nap after work
made dinner
baked RED VELVET cupcakes (my favorite)
watched he's not that into you

then Pat calls to go bowling.....

So we head over to the bowling alley by his house.  Mind you I don't bowl often, nor I am good.  Ask the girls at work we just had a team building night a week or two ago.  While Pat and I have played in many co-ed leagues together, love sports and being competitive who knew what would happen next?

Three hours  and 6 games later, we had a blast!!  (or at least I did)  I beat Pat 5/6 games and the best part of it is Pat is actually a pretty good bowler.  Pat admitted he has never seen a girl bowl that well and that he had never been beaten by a girl.  I might have bowled the 5 best games of my life, 124, 152, 160, 166 and 132.  Hahaha and he never saw it coming... so many strikes I lost count, j/k.  All and all a fantastic Friday!

***Just so you know I wouldn't bother asking Pat about the nightmare that happened last night because he'll just tell you he went to bed early around 10. 

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